Who We Are

There had been only two options to have a cleaning lady serve you at your home.
One had been to use a cleaning service where ladies typically didn’t care much and the price was high
but with the comfort of insurance, a receipt for tax deductions, and flexibility of scheduling the date and time.
The other option had been to have some independent lady typically with no insurance, little flexibility,
and no job guarantee. And then we changed all that because we came along.

Clearly Clean Services Inc was created by cleaning ladies who had worked many years for other services
and know how to make the ladies care.
All the ladies that have joined us since do also care and you should see the difference with the very first cleaning.

The management verifies and tests every single new lady; still, the ladies work
independently. The combination of experienced management and independent
ladies creates several essential advantages. First, having independent ladies
allows better compensation, which entices better performance. Second, the ladies have
the freedom of choosing their own tools and applying their own methods, which creates
unique flexibility in providing the adequate quality vs. quantity on the spot. Finally, the
ladies are backed up by professional management, which assists and helps in resolving
difficult matters.
Any damages incurred during the performance of our service have to be
reported right away or shortly after the service and no later than the same day
of that particular cleaning service being performed